10 face-kicking songs that better be in Green Day Rock Band

From: Insomniac (1995)

Simply because the opening is an epic, constantly escalating, two-minutestream of musical genius that explodes into a furious blast of angry vocal energy. It's a must-have for the disc, plain and simple. It'll be a painful test of endurance for all involved, but holy shit. Please, Harmonix. Please.

"Jesus of Suburbia"

From: American Idiot (2004)

For the sake of brevity we limited this list to 10 songs. As fans we could have just pasted their entire catalog and said "GIMME," but we have to draw the line somewhere. And while we have strong feelings that this album will be in full effect, will they include the nine minute Jesus of Suburbia? As an extra-long but highly popular song, this one reeks of "DLC."

What say you? What tracks do you want to see in the finished release? Let us know in the comments! And if you hate Green Day, this is totally the place where you should post how much they suck, how they're huge sellouts and band XX is so much better. Because your complaints will assuredly not fall on deaf ears and will probably finally convince everyone that you're right, and your musical tastes are superior.