Winning Eleven 10 review

Can't wait for PES 6? Get Winning Eleven in for the World Cup

The aforementioned passing game requires even more precise judgement and positioning than earlier games; try to play a pass while off-balance and your intended recipient will have to back-pedal to get anywhere near it - desperately lunging for the ball and heightening their risk of being hospitalised by a tough tackle.

And while we're on the subject, you'll need to be precise with tackles as one slip could leave you as stranded as the cast of Lost. But once you master the passing game - which won't take long - you'll be stroking it around like Arsenal at their most fluid. It really is that good, although pinball-esque scrimmages are commonplace in congested areas, thanks to the ball physics being more lifelike than ever.

Above: Ronnie here is about to chip the keeper with the tweaked lobbed shot

Advantage decisions are no longer signalled by a yellow symbol appearing on screen, allowing for a greater sense of anxiety over what the referee might decide - although one, clearly not offside ruling had us swearing like an incensed manager. Yes, there are still plenty of dubious offside decisions.

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DescriptionThe best football game in the world EVER (Volume 10)! Bound to be a killer kick about
PlatformPS2, Xbox
Release date27 April 2006 (US), 27 April 2006 (UK)