World of Nintendo

8) Supan Mario eggcup

NGamer reader Adam Forse sends us word of a counterfeit Mario eggcup dating back to the early ‘90s. We never realised there was money to be made in the hooky eggcup market.

9) Melted mutant GBA

Ever considered plopping your GBA into the microwave for a few minutes of radiation-flavoured fun? And have you thought about taking said melted GBA and bunging on some eyes and viscera to dress it up as the kind of organic-technology mish-mash that would give Akira the willies? You have? Well,this guybeat you to the punch. Bad luck.

10) A Wright contest

The Phoenix Wright-heads over of our favourite fansites) have posted the entries for their annual ‘design-a-character’ contest. A collection of fan art, sprites and fan fiction, each entry is accompanied by a comprehensive guide to that character’s place in the Wright/Justice universe. We particularly like Ivory Crafte, prosecutor and in-court sculptress, and Dr. Noa Laht – pianist and coroner.

11) Mini-Mii

Mike Myers, remember him? Contrary to his box office takings in the last five years, the mid-to late-’90s funnyman is still alive and kicking. Promoting his new film – you know, the one where he does one of his four funny voices – Myers spoke of his love for the Wii before lifting the veil on his very own Mii. “A frightening representation,” he says. He’s not wrong.

12) Yes, it’s her

In our aim to bring you the most comprehensive selection of Nintendo happenings, we sometimes have to delve into sordid realms. Wii Fit Girl – caught gyrating on camera, much to the pleasure of the internet’s entire male population – fits the bill. Amusingly, a US librarian who shares her name has since been under siege on Facebook from horny YouTubers across the globe. God bless the digital age.

13) Political statement

This Obama guy can’t be all bad – he’s got a power mushroom in his slogan. We’re also pretty sure that ‘It’s-A Merica’ won it for Roosevelt in 1933.

14) Prime model-work

Samus’s missile-packing gunship don’t take no hassle from no one. With this delightful model of it in your possession, you needn’t take no hassle from no one either. Well, as long as the no one you’re facing is also a 10-inch tall model, anyway. With 50 LEDs working to bring this metallic lump to flashing life, this is (sort of) worth every one of the 300 bucks you’ll have to lay down for its purchase.