Why Hitman 2's missions are the best in any game ever

We all know Hitman is great, and Blood Money - the fourth and most recent installment - is the best. Right? Wrong. As the very first Hitman for PS2, Silent Assassin crept up and slayed us with some of the most enticing set-ups imaginable; the best-laid and most exciting missions ever. And yes, that’s “ever” - as in all games, not just the Hitman series.

Of its hefty 20 missions, at least six are total classics. How come? Because in Hitman you’re powerful and vulnerable at the same time: it’s nerve, deceit and cunning more than violence that makes you powerful, but it’s staying vulnerable that makes it a thrill. And it’s no coincidence the best are the most civilian; the others are either in military bases, Japanese castles or foreign lands where Agent 47 stands out like a sore thumb.


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