Unreal Tournament 3 stuns our brains

Unreal Tournament III (or UT3 to its friends) is primed to be an absolute mind blower. We checked it out at last week's E3 and it's absolutely stacked with the sort of  ideas that are going to help springboard it way over the heads of the competition.

Amongst the highlights were our first look at the stealth-bender vehicle, which is cloaked when stationary; the Slow Volume deployable - a gelatinous blob that decelerates the velocity of projectiles (watching the flak cannon's fiery spit crawl through the shimmering mass had us transfixed); and the returning spider mines that pester a quarry all the way to detonation.

There was a heap of other absolutely nuts stuff, but our eyes were so glued to what we were being shown that it was hard to take notes. Hey, blame Epic. Believe us when we say that both the PC and PS3 versions look like grade-A ass kickers. In fact, the only suspicious bit we saw was the hover board being controlled using Sixaxis tilting - it looked to make for a frustratingly collision-heavy ride.

Do yourself a favor and check out the UT3 E3 trailer and bountiful screenshot stash.

July 17, 2007


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