Ultimate Baseball Online 2007 review

A free baseball MMO that takes some risks and still manages to be fun

Fielding is just as simple. Move to the direction of the ball and click the mouse to glove it. Press a numbered key to throw the ball to a certain base and you’ve pretty much got a hang of things. It’s simple, but the sense of teamwork and camaraderie makes even the most routine double play an incredible thrill. It’s hard to describe the highs and lows of being complimented by teammates for a great play or scorned for a bone-headed one (like when we were picked off at first… three times in a row). What makes things really exciting is that nerves and anxiety aren’t uncommon if you see the ball coming your way when a close game is on the line.

In practice, though, the fielding is far from perfect. Errors are much too easy to come by. Often you’ll be standing right in front of a baserunner and the tag doesn’t register, or a groundball will simply zoom through you. And playing the infield is still ten times more fun than playing outfield, even with the diving catches new to this year’s version. Oh, and try to get as many real players on your team as you can, because the AI fielders look like they’ve been knocking a few back in the clubhouse before the game.

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DescriptionA free baseball MMO where each player on the field is controlled by a live human. It's not pretty, but the RPG-style level system is interesting enough to warrant a look from baseball fans who want to try something different.
Release date27 April 2007 (US), 27 April 2007 (UK)