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  • Ohmama - May 11, 2013 12:03 p.m.

    I believe the worst person I have ever met in a video game is Dahlia Hawthorne, from Ace Attorney 3. She hides her foulness behind innocent looks, fools everyone (including Phoenix Wright himself) and goes huge lengths to achieve revenge. Plus, the last time we ever get to see her, she is very, very, very scary (like "Ben drowned" scary).
  • steveo4183 - May 11, 2013 10:08 a.m.

    List sorely needs Albel and/or Dmitri Yuriev from Xenosaga
  • avantguardian - May 11, 2013 11:05 p.m.

    i almost put albedo, and his gaggle of creepy little robot girls, but sort of assumed (hopefully incorrectly) that no one would really know who he was. simeon was my favorite mech in the series
  • steveo4183 - May 12, 2013 5:13 a.m.

    He was pretty twisted, and absolutely deserving of a spot on this list. I'm partial to Margulis's mech myself...think it was the Levi? Yuriev also needs a spot on here...I mean how many other villains can say their motivation was being terrified at seeing the face of God and therefore hellbent on destroying it?
  • steveo4183 - May 12, 2013 5:08 a.m.

    Derp moment, not Albel, Albedo
  • winner2 - May 11, 2013 9:42 a.m.

    How about Flemeth? She raises daughters just to consume them to live forever. Also, magusar from soul sacrifice. Spoiler: when he goes full blown evil monster, he rules the world and keeps prisoners as sacrifices for dinner so he lives forever.
  • avantguardian - May 11, 2013 11:09 p.m.

    if people didn't have so much disdain for DA2, i could see flemeth maybe cracking it. that fight against her in the first game was pretty damn epic.
  • Mstrcolm - May 11, 2013 9:31 a.m.

    Its probably cliche in discussions like these but its got to be Sephiroth for me
  • LordZarlon - May 11, 2013 8:21 a.m.

    Honestly Arcturus Mengsk from StarCraft is the real villain of the StarCraft universe.
  • Fox_Mulder - May 12, 2013 6:15 a.m.

    Ture that, after playing Hear of the Swarm. Kerrigan's not too heroic herself, but Mengsk is the guy both Kerrigan and Raynor are after during their campaigns,
  • noweareman - May 11, 2013 8:02 a.m.

    The Jabberwokey from Alice The T-Rex from Tomb Raider And Gary McCord from Jack Nicklaus 5
  • jose-djbatista - May 11, 2013 7:12 a.m.

    One best villain (for me) it's Liquid Snake, but I think he is most a Epic Boss
  • LordRetro - May 11, 2013 6:12 a.m.

    I would have to say Luca Blight from Suikoden 2 is the villain that has stayed with me the longest
  • gillian-reyes - May 11, 2013 8:01 p.m.

    I would have to agree with this! That darn flaming sword... Killing thousands in Jowstown for the Beast Rune. Betraying his father so he can become king. He's the total bad-ass.
  • henbonda - May 11, 2013 5:30 a.m.

    Nemesis Res 3, Dexter in Hitman Abs, Seifer ff8 I would have in but good list
  • Clovin64 - May 11, 2013 1:26 a.m.

    I'm going to give my votes to Nemesis (Resi 3) because he bloody terrifying and relentless, Saren (Mass Effect 1) because he's a frightning example of how the Reaper's indoctrination can twist noble motives into outright villiany, and Cauis (FFXIII-2) because I like sympathetic tortured villians with skewed noble motives. Also he's got a badass voice.
  • vegeta224 - May 11, 2013 12:17 a.m.

    No Mithos Yggdrasil ?
  • CyrusDragonZero - May 12, 2013 6:41 p.m.

    Aww... I remember Mithos. Yeah I felt really bad for him by the end. He was a solid villain...
  • avantguardian - May 10, 2013 11:57 p.m.

    if i had to add anyone, it would have to be catalina, from gta3. your ever faithful and loving girlfriend shoots you, leaves you for dead (you go to prison for 10 years!!), then climbs the criminal ladder whilst pushing an awesomely titled drug called SPANK! i saw mention of saren from mass effect in the comments, and i would agree, as i really enjoyed him as a character. i particularly enjoyed how his pride would keep clouding his mind as to his obvious indoctrination. it made you wonder how shepard would react to that situation... his boss fight wasn't even terrible!

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