Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

But the Cross-Com doesn't overshadow what has already made this franchise successful, and Red Storm continues to improve on shooty elements like ballistics, providing rules for bullet penetration. Snipers can now shoot straight through solid walls, and since Mexico City is a rat's nest of alleyways, busted shacks, and skyscrapers, you'll see plenty of the concrete jungle. GRAW takes advantage of this by recreating vast chunks of the city as though microscopes are the chief research tool.

  1. Hostiles get outlined in red ... while this guy is not outlined yet, he will be shortly. Trust us.
  2. Ammo, baby! Plus a little silhouette of the firearm you're currently toting.
  3. Of course, you need to know what sort of shape you're in, and this is where to look for that.
  4. Friendlies get outlined in blue so that you know not to shoot them.
  5. This handy device keeps you informed on your squad's health status.
  6. The Cross-Com also notifies you of your fellows' standing orders.
  7. The Cross-Com displays real-time video of your squadmates.