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The Mark review

Put that gun down, you silly man


  • AI's good for yucks
  • British sarcasm
  • Somewhat satisfying to play


  • Gameplay is awful
  • Frame-rate dips quite a bit
  • Worse than other bad shooters

The British and the Americans have a very different way of waging war. The Mark captures this difference perfectly, and with a real sense of understated panache. The difference is this: when Fletcher, your US %26ldquo;go go go%26rdquo; character shoots a bad guy, he shouts: %26ldquo;Hope that hurt!%26rdquo; But when Hawke - the sneaky camp Englishman - kills someone, he snidely oils: %26ldquo;Hope that didn%26rsquo;t hurt.%26rdquo; Spot the difference? The English are sarcastic to corpses.

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US censor ratingRating Pending
UK censor rating
Available platforms:PC
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