The fast guide to Virtua Fighter 5

Jacky's a great character to start off with. He's got speed, power and a strong offensive game going for him. His movelist is also very easy to learn and most of his techniques and combos are grounded firmly in the base foundations of VF gameplay. Here are some key moves we suggest you start with.

Forward + Punch (F+P)

One of Jacky's essential moves, this fast punch hits the opponent right in their midsection. If you interrupt their attack with this, you'll see a colored flash appear. This signifies a "counter hit," which not only stops the opponent's strike cold, but deals extra damage, causes additional effects and - most importantly - can lead to great combo opportunities. In this case, when you see a counter hit, quickly enter the command for the followup to tack on a kick that will knock your opponent down. However, if you don't see the flash, then a counter hit hasn't occurred and your opponent will easily be able to block and retaliate if you go for the kick. There will be other skills and combos that require counter hits to be effective, so it's good to practice fast reactions when you see one.

Punch + Kick (P+K)

Another skill you'll be using often as Jacky, this is a swift strike that hits the opponent's midsection. On a normal hit, it'll just make your opponent stagger backwards a bit, but on a counter hit, they'll be sent flying. This is where your counter hit reaction practice pays off - if you see that flash, hit P for the Back Knuckle followup and then try to go for additional combo hits.

Down-forward, Down-forward + Kick (DF, DF+K)

Is your opponent starting to anticipate F+P and P+K? Add this into your core mix to shake things up a bit. This technique hits hard and launches the opponent into the air, regardless of whether it hits normally or scores a counter hit. Take advantage of this! Just keep in mind that Jacky is very vulnerable if this is blocked.

Take it to the next level

There are other follow-ups to F+P other than K - try using: P,K or P, P+K and P, D+K to mix things up a bit and catch your opponents off guard. P, D+K in particular hits low and might work well against an opponent who is used to blocking mid. You could even hit with it after the first F+P strike is blocked! Keep in mind, though, that Jacky takes a long time to recover after any of these follow-ups are blocked, so know your risks. Also try immediately following up the Beat Knuckle with P or K.