Sword of the New World - hands on

The MMO no one's talking about may prove to be this year's sleeper hit. Here's why

What can we say? We've always been drawn towards Eastern impressions of the West - especially the bizarre, off-the-wall ones. SOTNW tackles one of the most unlikely settings for a non-sim game: the colonial period of North America. The mash-up of anime-styled character designs and fantasy flair with Baroque architecture towering in the background gives the game a quirky personality that can't be matched by the stock subject matter we've been seeing in some other big budget MMOs lately.

Above: Aristocrats don't need pants in SOTNW. Two pistols and a pair of thigh-high boots will do

We've seen plenty of elves wielding over-sized swords. We've seen space marines shoot aliens. But a musketeer dressed like an aristocratic prostitute mowing down giant spiders outside a 17th century colony with a pair of pistols? You have to admit that at the very least, it certainly is something different.