Super Mario Strikers Charged goes online

Online gaming on Wii is finally kicking off in UK, with Mario Strikers Charged Football arriving in shops on May 25.

Of the many new tweaks and features built into the Wii sequel, including motion-controlled goal-keeping and tackling mechanics, the most exciting is its compatibility with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, which will allow you to compete in ranked matches against other players via the internet.

The crazy soccer game also comes with new emphasis on the team captain, with the star player having special powers that give them extra goal-scoring opportunities. Mario, for example, can grow into a giant and stomp around the pitch, while Peach can freeze the opposing team, leaving you open to run through with ease. The usual dirty shell-throwing tactics also feature.

With Mario Strikers kick-starting the online service on Wii, we hope to see more third-party games feature online gameplay modes. Strikers is headed to the US (without "football" in the title) some time this year.

April 3, 2007


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