Street Fighter IV dumbed down?

We're not sure how Capcom managed to make thousands of people stupid-crazy about a game that more or less plays just like its 1991 ancestor. Yet somehow, Street Fighter IV captivates all who touch it. We spent hours banging away on two side-by-side arcade units and walked away only wanting more. Anyone who stepped up left with a grin on their face and a clear appreciation for the sweet science that is Street Fighter. The moves are right, the animations are precise and everything that should feel right, does. It's a true sequel to Street Fighter II in every sense of the word. But will its simplified input alienate gamers weaned on Street Fighter III's intense parry system? Capcom's official line, of course, is "nuh-uh."

Below is an interview with Capcom's senior manager of community, Seth Killian. He's a self proclaimed "Street Fighter monkey" and if anyone knows the score, it's this guy. The next page has uncut arcade footage featuring C. Viper, Blanka, Ryu and Chun Li - don't miss it.


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