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Space Rangers 2 review

Gear-up and light-out to: Roam the galaxy? Dig holes for a living? Manage a ski resort?

But that’s just teasing the surface. Digging into Space Rangers 2 works a bit like watching Mel Brooks toss salad in a bunny suit, and “ridiculous” rates a compliment for a change when it comes to describing all the doodads you can monkey with. See that black hole? It's a real-time arcade-with-arrow-keys game lying in ambush, and means bonus items you can use on your ship if you win. Bored with space? Zip down planet-side and squeeze out units to grab and hold hot spots in real-time 3-D land brawls. You’ll say we're exaggerating, but you can even run your own ski resort: it takes a cool million to win. Even get your Zork -on by completing wacky text adventures that crop up and - if played well - yield hard parts for your geared-out space rig.

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DescriptionUnless you hate strategy games or are allergic to "goof" in your game, Space Rangers 2 rates a no-brainer "buy me".
US censor ratingTeen
Release date27 March 2006 (US), 27 March 2006 (UK)