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Space Rangers 2 review

Gear-up and light-out to: Roam the galaxy? Dig holes for a living? Manage a ski resort?


  • Unfettered detail-rich exploration
  • Ferociously shrewd AI
  • Batty
  • genre-spanning mini-games


  • Text-heavy tutorial
  • Low-locked
  • 1024x768 resolution
  • No multiplayer

You%26rsquo;re crouched outside a cave. Near the entrance stand two burly guards packing heat. Do you: Attempt to sneak past them? Bait them away by dropping pictures of Madonna touching tongue with Paris Hilton? Wander away to the southern mountains to join a Feng Shui monastery? Or just crouch and gobble that buttery Taco Bueno burrito you%26rsquo;ve been carting around?

Such are the travails of Space Rangers 2, a hybrid turn-based/real-time genre mongrel and all-around hoot that reaches across party lines to send you pirating, probing, trading, occasionally text-adventuring (no joke!) and ship-slugging it out in a galaxy gradually undergoing assimilation by a psychotic silicoid collective known as the Bor - we mean, Dominators.

Pick a race and profession to steer your load-out toward trading or fighting (or somewhere between), then you%26rsquo;re off to scuffle or scavenge up enough leadership points to lock horns with the rapacious Dominators system by system. Your ship moves in single or batch %26ldquo;turns%26rdquo; through a 2-D galaxy by mouse-clicking to navigate asteroids, planets, star bases, med labs, pirate dens, research centers and other sundry interstellar tackle. Lighting out, the easiest way to make a buck is nibbling loose ore spun off random asteroid collisions and pawning it for cash, though you%26rsquo;re in occasionally blood-knuckle competition for the stuff with all manner of law abiding/shunning space citizenry. Touch up your ride and you%26rsquo;ll eventually command the space lanes, but what you do and to whom dictates faction disposition. Piss off the %26ldquo;good guys%26rdquo; and you%26rsquo;ll be earmarked for only the seediest fringe hubs.

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DescriptionUnless you hate strategy games or are allergic to "goof" in your game, Space Rangers 2 rates a no-brainer "buy me".
US censor ratingTeen
UK censor rating
Release date:27 March 2006 (US), 27 March 2006 (UK)
Available platforms:PC
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