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Smash TV - Xbox Live Arcade review

Blast everything that moves for game-show glory


  • Relentless pace never lets up
  • Mowing down crowds is a rush
  • Just as gory as ever


  • Graphics still look like 1990
  • Free continues make it too easy
  • Sequined jackass host all up in your face

Prepare to die. A lot. Smash TV is back on the air, and if you hope to claim this game show's cash and prizes, you%26rsquo;ll have to grind your way through exhausting, seemingly endless swarms of robots, monsters and bald men with clubs. And that%26rsquo;s just in the first room.

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DescriptionBig money! Big prizes! We love it! The coin-op classic is alive and well as an Xbox Live download.
PlatformXbox 360
US censor ratingTeen
UK censor rating
Release date:22 November 2005 (US), 22 November 2005 (UK)
Available platforms:Xbox 360


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