Smash Bros: Even more like Halo 3...

Level editor and daily stage download confirmed for Wii character brawler, as well as saved films

Oct 29, 2007

It looks like Nintendo might be taking a few hints from Halo 3's community features, as after last week's reveal of Smash Bros. Brawl saved films, the company now confirms that a Forge-style level editor is also in the works.

You'll be able to construct levels using any of Brawl's 2D backgrounds, then place, spin and drop various bits of scenery to create any number of block and mushroom-filed battle arenas. We think we even spy some Sonic the Hedgehog spikes in one of thesenew screens...

The interface looks surprisingly in-depth for a Nintendo offering; you can flip, shrink, enlarge and even re-colour various bits of scenery, and then chose the background music for your stage from Brawl's wonderfully nostalgic soundtrack.

Best of all, you can mail out your custom stages via Nintendo Wi-Fi and Nintendo will even be sending out the best arenas to consoles - a different one every day.

Well done Nintendo. Now just get rid of the rubbish Friend Code system so that it doesn't take 20 minutes to send our creations out...

Courtesy of CVG.

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