Sleeping Dogs: Story trailer keeps it hard-boiled

Since liberating True Crime: Hong Kong from the ignominy of Activision's blacklist, Square Enix has been working with developer United Front Games to rebrand the game. Having already released the live-action reveal trailer for Sleeping Dogs – a standalone crime saga built from TC:HK's DNA – the publisher's now rolled plenty of in-game footage into a new story trailer for your appraisal.

We're glad to see Sleeping Dogs' infatuation with Hong Kong cinema extending to the storyline: while it's tempting to wonder how different the game might have looked as a True Crime reboot, Square Enix's new direction looks like a whole new, ambitious take on the genre. Our last preview gave us plenty to look forward to: you can anticipate hearing more about the game between now and its August release date.

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  • BladedFalcon - March 2, 2012 4:49 p.m.

    Hell yes, this game is shaping to look better and better each time I hear about it. This game has some really standout selling points for me: -Undercover cop story. Something that has been surprisingly unused by the gaming media overall, this trailer specially shows that the story has potential of being a truly solid one, and if it manages to give some genuine personality to it's protagonist and characters, it could be memorable. -Arkham city's combat system + inhibited brutality and environmental kills. Seriously, what's not to love about this combination? -Fast paced bullet-time shooting ala may payne. I honestly don't expect it to beat MP3 or other games in this department, but as long as it's solid and fast enough, it should complement the fighting and fast paced driving well. -A setting in a city that for ONCE isn't fucking occidental. Just Cause series also has done this with south America. but hopefully reaming the streets of Hong Kong will feel new, fresh, and more exciting than driving around the same looking American metropolis. In my eyes, if the game pulls most, for all of these points off, it's bound to be genuinely great... as long as it keeps the technical problems and bugs to a healthy minimum. (Sorry, but the fact it's still connected to the true crime series in some way has that worrying effect.)

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