Sightseeing in Fallout: New Vegas

Take a tour through the wasteland’s major landmarks

Obsidian%26rsquo;s Larry Liberty tells us that one of Bethesda%26rsquo;s greatest strengths %26ndash; as evidenced by Oblvion and Fallout 3 %26ndash; is the immersive feeling you get when you can look in any direction and see something interesting that compels you to think, %26ldquo;I want to go there!%26rdquo; The studio is hard at work trying to elicit the same response in Fallout: New Vegas. %26ldquo;We want the landscape to tell a story,%26rdquo; he says. Here are some of the sites a tour through the game%26rsquo;s wasteland. These are the new Megatons and Rivet Cities, the sorts of locations you%26rsquo;ll want to explore every inch of as soon as you discover them.

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