Sexy Fan Art: Cortana Edition

Why do we love Cortana? After all, she's no more than an intangible chunk of computer software, a particularly well programmed series of 1s and 0s. You can't touch her. You can't look at her without seeing right through her. Even to the fictional characters within the fictional universe of Halo, she is utterly unattainable.

And that is precisely what drives our overactive imaginations wild. She is the ultimate dream girl. Sassy, spunky, sexy... but beyond our reach in every possible way.

Fortunately, the creative genius of the fan art community can bring Cortana a little closer. On the following pages, you'll witness over 40 of their most breathtaking interpretations. Marvel at how a single character can look so good in so many different ways; then, click through to the artists'galleries to see more of their amazing work.

Artist:Reinaldo Quintero

Artist:Alice Ivans


Artist:Daniel Eichinger