SBK 07 - Superbike World Championship

In the evidence of this, racing bikes - no, riding bikes - is butt-blistering, ball-bruising hard work. You know all those car racing conventions you’ve ingrained into your consciousness? Forget all of them. That one that says you can brake and turn at almost the same time to skid through a corner sideways for maximum style and speed means jackshit here. And the one which guarantees that you can easily correct a momentary wobble of the steering wheel with the minimum of fuss and not have a major spine-shattering accident doesn’t apply with bikes.

SBK 07 - Superbike World Championship is the sort of game designed to appeal to bikers confined to beds with third-degree friction burns. A game which demands a hell of a lot of work to be put in (less, obviously, if you’re someone who’s intimately familiar with a bike’s anatomy), but which is sure to be one of the purest suberbike sims around. Superbike star Troy Bayliss got to grips with the game instantly, apparently, highlighting the attraction of the title to monster gasheads.

Much like Formula One Championship Edition, the emphasis is on race weekends. That’s the actual race, and everything leading up to it - free practice (essential for memorizing braking points and corners), qualifying sessions (which are timed, giving you a limited window of opportunity as in real life) and yet more practice. This isn’t a game where you can jump in and blunder your way around a circuit, hoping for instant success.


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