RIP: The Resi characters that croaked it

Find out how every character bought it in our dictionary of Resi death

Unless you%26rsquo;re a rookie cop on his first day on the job, a woman in a comically inappropriate cocktail dress or an ex con with nothing to lose, chances are you%26rsquo;re going to die in Resident Evil. Horribly. Want to know about every significant death in the Resi series? You%26rsquo;ve come to the right place. The following list of big, fat death reveals how each character met their maker, whether it was by zombie, tyrant or erm%26hellip; feral crow.

Edward Dewey

Who? STARS Bravo team%26rsquo;s co-pilot

Cause of death: Killed by Cerberus dogs at the start of the game. Bad dog! Where's a rolled up newspaper when you need one?

James Marcus

Who? One of the original founding members of Umbrella, he was one of the key people involved in developing the T-virus.

Cause of death: After morphing into a hideous T-virus-infected abomination he makes Billy Coen%26rsquo;s day by eating the fatal lead from his magnum.

Enrico Marini

Who? Leader of STARS Bravo team.

Cause of death: About to tell Chris Redfield that Albert Wesker is a traitor, the shades-wearing baddie shoots Enrico from the shadows to prevent him from spilling the secret.

Forest Speyer

Who? Bravo team%26rsquo;s crack shot.

Cause of death: Wins the award for the most humiliating Resi death. He%26rsquo;s killed by a murder of crows. How apt.

Kenneth Sullivan

Who? Bravo%26rsquo;s team biologist.

Cause of death: Has the proud distinction of being the first person in the series to be nibbled to death by a zombie

Kevin Dooley

Who? Pilot for STARS Bravo team

Cause of death: Unknown. What a tease

Joseph Frost

Who? STARS Alpha team%26rsquo;s vehicle expert.

Cause of death: Another poor soul who falls victim to Cerberus dogs. The next pooch we see is getting a one way trip to the vet

Richard Aiken

Another member of STARS Alpha team, he%26rsquo;s an expert in communications and being eaten.

Cause of death: Depending on your choices, he%26rsquo;s either eaten by Yawn, a giant snake or scoffed by Neptune, an equally giant shark.

Annette Birkin

Who? Scientist and wife of William Birkin, the creator of the G-Virus.

Cause of death: Love. Or, more accurately, being brutally murdered by her hubby after he turned into a tyrant

Ben Bertolucci

A freelance journalist who does his best to rake up dirt on the corrupt Chief Irons. He provides Leon S. Kennedy with information during the Raccoon City incident.

Cause of death: Locks himself in a police cell for safety, only to be found and killed by the infected William Birkin

Brian Irons

Who? Raccoon City%26rsquo;s Chief of Police who is mired in corruption and sexual assault allegations.

Cause of death: Killed when William Birkin shoots a G-virus embryo straight down his throat, which later tears him apart. Strange, considering Capcom gave Irons a mouth that was permanently closed

Robert Kendo

Who? A close friend of the don of dire dialogue Barry Burton, Kendo owns a gun store in Raccoon City.

Cause of death: Eaten by a group of zombies who break into his shop. Do these undead folk have no respect for the concept of private property

William Birkin

Who? The brilliant scientist who created the G-virus, an offshoot of the original T-virus.

Cause of death: Turns into a tyrant after injecting himself with the G-virus. The %26lsquo;G%26rsquo; monster continually morphs throughout Resi 2, the final iteration dieing in a train explosion.

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