• matthiasman - October 1, 2012 5:15 a.m.

    No Iron Maidens or Crimson Heads. The two scariest things in any game, ever.
  • codystovall - October 1, 2012 3:18 a.m.

    Are bioweapons a lucrative business cause they seem like a waste of money compared to yknow....weapons.
  • Viron - October 1, 2012 12:13 p.m.

    shooting people or blowing them up is boring.
  • Thebigbob22934 - September 30, 2012 8:39 p.m.

    I didn't know U3 had a name until two weeks after I beat Resi 4. I always just called it It, partly because that's what Saddler calls it and, well, Look at the damn thing. That's an It if there ever was one.
  • darkvare - September 30, 2012 7:18 p.m.

    remember that weird sack that twitches in resident evil 4 i always got creeped out with that one
  • RedHarlow - September 30, 2012 2:44 p.m.

    Resident Evil's monsters have nothing on Silent Hill monsters.
  • codystovall - October 1, 2012 3:20 a.m.

    And silent hill monsters have nothing on pokemon.
  • NelosAngelos - September 30, 2012 1:58 p.m.

    No Regenerados? Iron Maidens? I know they're in everyone's "Top 10 scary shit in video games" list, but I mean...the way they move, the way they look and breathe, the way they stretch and squish their bodies in inhuman ways. Uuuugh. I love it!
  • archnite - September 30, 2012 3:09 p.m.

    Seeing those things twitching at the end of a hallway always freaked me out their presence was creepy, but their just black-skinned guys with wide mouths. They were my favorite part of RE4. This list is monsters that are gross combinations of limbs and pale skin.
  • RonnyLive19881 - September 30, 2012 1:19 p.m.

    Lisa Trevor looked like Barf-incarnate... Guess you never played Gamecube's Remake...
  • onetimebuster - September 30, 2012 1:30 p.m.

    yep i was thinking of her too shes so freaky
  • archnite - September 30, 2012 3:11 p.m.

    Isn't see some guys daughter or something and actually the source of the T-virus? With the gross out look combined with the Japanese things with scary girls I'd say she wins whatever contest that would be advantageous in.
  • RonnyLive19881 - September 30, 2012 3:52 p.m.

    Her story is quite tragic, that plus her vomit inducing appearance should have pegged her top spot. That's why I said I guess GR never played the game. I highly recommend it! best game of the series and it is of course Nintendo exclusive which makes it all the sweeter Lol, funny how one of gaming's scariest franchises has its best titles exclusive to Nintendo consoles... Only if Shinji Mikami kept his promise RE4 would still be Nintendo exclusive... wasn't he supposed to hang himself if the title went multiplatform? WTF Shinji?
  • ironmanextremis105 - September 30, 2012 1:14 p.m.

    Regenerators/Iron Maidens.. what more can I say, they use to keep me up at night especially their snoring ass noise the make

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