Rayman Raving Rabbids - more minigames

Finally, Bunnies Are Addicted to Carrot Juice pits you against a never ending assault of beached bunnies, armed only with a carrot juice cannon. Pumping the Nunchuk generates a steady stream while the remote aims the flow. All you have to do is fill their goggles up with juice until they sink beneath the waves. Problem is, the bunnies never stop coming, and with each passing moment more and more start to show up. This minigame's more about endurance than precision, making it ideal place to level the playing field against more experienced gamers.

Rayman Raving Rabbids joins a few other Wii launch games in an all-out minigame assault. Which will be the superior party pick? We'll have that answer as soon as all the games finish trickling in for a head-on comparison. Until then, check outthe most recent gameplay video(it's the one called "Wii gameplay 11-07-06") for a quick look at how these games play out.