Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice

Like the typical all-guns-blazing action movie blockbuster it tries hard to ape, the original Pursuit Force is entertaining and stylish, but completely forgettable the moment you switch off your PSP. The sequel builds on this premise: there are bigger explosions, more spectacular stunts, twice as many enemies - and it still holds as much substance as a puff of smoke. And the even better news? It’s coming to PS2 as well as PSP.

Picking up where the first game left off, Capital City is still a worse place to live than Baghdad. The Convicts and Warlords gangs are joined by new outlaws, ambush specialists The Raiders, and The Syndicate - a group of pro bank robbers. A rival police division called Viper isn’t helping things with its heavy-handed approach to law enforcement, either.

Basically, this is an excuse to employ a more diverse selection of vehicles than before and take out enemies by leaping onto their ride and hijacking it at over 150mph. Now you can control jet skis, trains, a bike and sidecar, a hovercraft, a giant tank, a chopper with mounted guns and even clamber on to the wings of an airplane. Switching between vehicle and on-foot combat is seamless, and above all else, the reckless diving around looks effortlessly cool. No US release date has been announced yet, but we’ll keep you posted.


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