Pokemon - catching 'em all

From Red to Pearl - the wide world of Nintendo's monster franchise

At around 193 million units versus Pok%26eacute;mon%26rsquo;s 155 million, Mario may have sold more games overall, but considering the wide variety of stuff he stars in and the length of time he%26rsquo;s been around; Pok%26eacute;mon is arguably the more significant videogame phenomenon.

Pikachu and the gang have enjoyed peaks and endured troughs since the original game%26rsquo;s 1996 Japanese debut, but no matter how many times people have tried to write off Pok%26eacute;mon, it remains hugely popular. It%26rsquo;s a cultural volcano that can lie semi-dormant for years before erupting to shower a fresh audience with white-hot gobbets of fluffy gaming magma. Without further ado, here are just a few of our favorite/weirdest/most significant Pok%26eacute;-moments from the last decade-and-a-bit.

Unlikely unions

The ability to have pok%26eacute;mon produce offspring in Ruby and Sapphire gave rise to some fairly improbable couplings - not least the union of giant Wailord (14.5m tall, 398kg) with little Diglett (20cm, 0.8kg). No amount of debate has solved the problem of how such a thing would be possible without resulting in the death of one party and the eternal shame of the other.

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