Pirates of the Caribbean Online

While most of the game is simplified, the combat was deeper than expected. We were able to use three weapons: a cutlass, a pistol and a voodoo doll. The cutlass, which was the least interesting, had four types of attacks. The pistol had six types of ammunition, which have advantages and disadvantages over certain enemies. The voodoo doll was really kooky; you have to touch an enemy with it and run back to use it for magical attacks (like fire). The voodoo doll had eight types of attacks in our gameplay session. Each weapon is leveled up as you use it and we're interested to see the further variety available in the pirate arsenal.

Pirates of the Caribbean Online is an ambitious project that's walking a fine line. On one hand it could be accessible yet deep, allowing millions of people to enjoy it. On the other hand, it could be too simplified for anyone to care about for an extended period of time. We'll get to see it a few more times before its spring release and get a better idea of its overall quality.