Phantasy Star Universe

There are tons of changes in the gameplay, but the most important so far must be the revamped combat system. PSU's real-time combat feels infinitely less stiff than PSO 's fun but stilted action. The controls are much more responsive, to the point that you can change direction mid-combo. Speaking of which, weak and strong attacks have made way for "normal" and "photon" attacks. The normal attack produces a typical string of three hits, while the photon attack changes completely depending on what Photon Art is equipped to the weapon. Photon Arts level up through use, but drain a slow-recovering photon meter. The very useful Art we started with on our saber knocked multiple enemies into the air, allowing for free hits during the knockdown.

This is barely scratching the surface, and we've got many more beans to spill. Check back next week for more coverage of the single-player side of Phantasy Star Universe, including details on character customization and the beautiful graphics.