Official box-art brings Max Payne 3 one step closer to glorious, bullet-timed reality

Rockstar's released a sexy new painting of Max Payne's glaring visage floating above the São Paulo slums, assuring fans that this is the image it'll be putting on the front of every box that contains a disc with Max Payne 3 on it. So if you want to buy Max Payne 3 come the game's May release date, look out for boxes with this image on them to be assured of getting a copy.

Above: If this is Brazil, where's the big Jesus statue? Don't give us that "São Paulo isn't Rio" crap - we've seen movies, we know Brazil

We got some hands-on time with Payne 3 earlier this month and came away with a few things you should know before the game comes out. And if that gets you interested (or you just don't trust your box-recognizing abilities), the deadline for preordering a copy of the Special Edition has been extended until April 2, offering another chance to grab all those extra Payne-related tchotchkes.


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