Accuracy and subtlety be damned – these days, unless you're storming a room full of hostiles with a weapon in each hand, you're simply not doing it right. And if there's any man who can demonstrate how to how to duel-wield like a champ, it's Rockstar's own Max Payne; which is exactly what he's doing in these new promo shots for his upcoming sequel.

“Dual-wielding a deadly weapon in each hand for double the firepower [is a] staple of Max Payne's gunplay repertoire and a signature element of action in the series alongside Bullet Time and Shootdodge since the very beginning,” reads Rockstar's latest Max Payne 3 update. “ In Max Payne 3, the tradition continues and evolves with Max able to dual wield combinations of single-handed weapons, for lethal and versatile pairings of traditional pistols, revolvers and even submachine guns.”

Check out Mr.Payne delivering maximum duel-wielding damage in the screenshots below.

Max Payne 3's shooting mechanics were also discussed in Rockstar's recent interview with, wherein Jeronimo Barrera, the studio's VP of product development, explained the game would offer first-person control in a third-person format, noting, “Regardless of position, Max’s body will adjust naturally to follow the reticule and attack enemies either while running and gunning, or aiming down the sight. Depending on what weapons Max is using, his movements will also compensate, affecting his speed, balance and weight...The result, we believe, is gameplay that incorporates the best of both worlds from first-person and third-person shooters.”

Watch snippets of this hybrid style in action in the latest 608 Bull weapon trailer, and the earlier “Design and Technology” video.


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