Need for Speed Undercover

Is Undercover a return to open-world sandbox racing? Won’t the narrative force a more linear approach to be taken?

Cops and free-roaming environments are back. We’ve also incorporated a deep and engaging narrative that provides the player with the context and motivation to progress through the game. This year, you play a rookie cop recruited to infiltrate organized gangs, accomplishing objectives to become a known wheelman. It’s from this position on the inside that you work to gain the gangs’ confidence and take down the operation.

What sort of game modes can we look forward to? Are we likely to see highway battles, pink slip racing and the like?

There are literally hundreds of race experiences across multiple race modes. The most dramatic new mode is the all-new highway battle, where we push the chase concept to the limit. These pulse-quickening multi-car chases require steady hands and split-second timing for players to take out their prey while fighting off cops and other adversaries.

How do you think NFS: Undercover will differentiate itself from games such as Rockstar’s Midnight Club: Los Angeles?

Undercover is all about the thrill of the chase. It's the ultimate fusion of stellar next- generation gameplay and an engaging story with every component embodying the excitement and energy of the chase. Without a doubt, Undercover is a complete action driving experience.

What plans do you have for the multiplayer elements?

We are very excited about our online and multiplayer modes. I think we’ll be delivering something quite unique this year. We’ll be talking more about the details later on.

Will Undercover’s damage system be purely cosmetic or will it affect performance and handling?

Undercover features the real time procedural damage we introduced in ProStreet but we’ve removed the impact it has on performance. That doesn’t mean players can't destroy their cars though, because damage will still play a role – especially on some of the missions you’re asked to complete.

Speaking of handling, are you going for pure arcade, simulation or a balance of both?

This year, we have created the all-new Heroic Driving Engine. This physics engine gives the player the ability to complete high-performance driving maneuvers as they push the car.

Sep 11, 2008