Need for Speed: ProStreet - hands-on

NFS has swapped police flak for the race track

Oct 22, 2007

Mirroring Formula One%26rsquo;s Ferrari-McLaren alledge-a-thon, this year EA Black Box have clearly helped themselves to an eyeful of the blueprints belonging to traditionally serious racers such as Forza. For starters, we%26rsquo;re off the streets and into the pit lanes of numerous real-world race tracks. According to the game%26rsquo;s producer, this reflects where the street racing culture is heading.

Apparently bored with having to endure fifteen-minute police chases every time they want an innocent high-speed street race, our racers have fled to the professional circuits, where they can pursue their hobby. This doesn%26rsquo;t make too much of a difference to the gameplay - some of the duller circuits have been sexed-up to bring them in line with the curvy wonders we%26rsquo;ve played in Need For Speed games past. But there%26rsquo;s another change that does change the way you approach the game. Significantly so, in fact.

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