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Moto Racer DS review

Stylus steering gimmick surprises


  • Stylus handling works well
  • Lots of race modes
  • 8-person multiplayer


  • Some graphical bugs
  • Invisible walls
  • Will be too tough for some

Originally a PlayStation game, the Moto Racer series has been revived on DS with Stylus Precision Handling%26trade;. We%26rsquo;re naturally wary of trademarked gimmicks but %26lsquo;SPH%26rsquo; is actually very good, giving you a much greater degree of control over your bike than the twitchy buttons. This is a real all-rounder, with GP races, traffic challenges, and Super Cross and Freestyle modes on bump-tastic indoor courses. There%26rsquo;s also a good tally of bikes and courses to unlock, with three difficulty settings and multiplayer options for up to eight people.

Despite the mostly decent graphics there are a few moments when collisions end up with you inside a car rather than plastered across its bonnet. And the invisible walls on the indoor tracks remove the need for any steering skills. It%26rsquo;s also pretty tricky, so Sunday riders should be prepared for multiple retries. All that aside, this is some solid two-wheeled action.

Apr 6, 2009

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Description<p>With&#160;a ton&#160;of race modes and 8-person multiplayer,&#160;Moto Racer DS can be a bit&#160;tricky to get a handle on, but&#160;the stylus-based steering works surprisingly well.</p>
US censor rating
UK censor rating3+
Release date: (US), 3 April 2009 (UK)
Available platforms:DS
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