MLB 08 The Show

We’ve played lots of baseball on our PS2’s, dating back to hum-dingers like High Heat MLB, and honestly there’s only so many ways to slice a seven-inning stretch. Luckily, MLB 08 The Show, Sony’s latest knuckleball hurler, has its returning DIY rookie initiator, Road to the Show, going for it. After spending some time in the last-gen strike zone with a preview build, it’s obvious Road to the Show, among other things, has received some love since last years trip to the mound.

Overall, The Show features a stripped down, Value Menu version of the PS3 edition, but the most important elements are all intact. We’re of course talking about Road to the Show, which again feels like one of the best things going in baseball video games. In case you’re a MLB dilettante, Road to the Show let’s you create your own player, pick a position and then only play that player as you progress up from the Sally League to the big time.

Above: All images are from the PS3 version

For instance, if you choose a second baseman, you’ll play defense on second, which literally changes up the old model of managing a soulless squad with no emphasis on any one single player. Improvements this time out include a helpful career advancement mechanic that gives you tasks to complete based on your position that translate to upward momentum for your player towards the majors. There’s also an almost exhaustively deep stat system that allows you to track pitcher/batter showdowns and match-ups. You can see how you measure up against lefties, against certain teams and at certain fields.   


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