MLB 08 The Show

Your PS2 is old, but MLB 08 The Show is not

We%26rsquo;ve played lots of baseball on our PS2%26rsquo;s, dating back to hum-dingers like High Heat MLB, and honestly there%26rsquo;s only so many ways to slice a seven-inning stretch. Luckily, MLB 08 The Show, Sony%26rsquo;s latest knuckleball hurler, has its returning DIY rookie initiator, Road to the Show, going for it. After spending some time in the last-gen strike zone with a preview build, it%26rsquo;s obvious Road to the Show, among other things, has received some love since last years trip to the mound.

Overall, The Show features a stripped down, Value Menu version of the PS3 edition, but the most important elements are all intact. We%26rsquo;re of course talking about Road to the Show, which again feels like one of the best things going in baseball video games. In case you%26rsquo;re a MLB dilettante, Road to the Show let%26rsquo;s you create your own player, pick a position and then only play that player as you progress up from the Sally League to the big time.

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