Mirror's Edge

A genuine Next Big Thing contender...

In Mirror%26rsquo;s Edge, you play as Faith, an acrobatic gunslinger hell-bent on beating the city%26rsquo;s forces in as stylish a way as possible using the entire city as your playground. There are no restrictions - you can go anywhere. Fences and walls are there to be jumped over. The city is pristine and clean-looking, with a real sense of underlying menace. From what we%26rsquo;ve seen, it looks a little like Neo%26rsquo;s %26lsquo;virtual%26rsquo; hometown in The Matrix. Whether or not there%26rsquo;ll be shootouts in granite hallways full of pillars exploding into chunks is yet to be seen.

Here are 12 reasons Mirror%26rsquo;s Edge may just bring a fresh perspective to seeing a game through your character%26rsquo;s eyes:

1) Personalised
Possibly the most important aspect of Mirror%26rsquo;s Edge is the human one - DICE wants to %26ldquo;put the person back into first-person.%26rdquo;

2) Footloose
You%26rsquo;ll not only see your feet, you%26rsquo;ll feel them pounding the ground as you run.

3) Give us a hand
Because the emphasis is on the person behind the gun, the effort spent on limbs will be a cut above the norm. That%26rsquo;s want we want.

4) Duckin%26rsquo;, divin%26rsquo;
Platforming will play as big a role as shooting. Mirror%26rsquo;s Edge%26rsquo;s urban jungle is mostly vertical, and athleticism will be as important as marksmanship.

5) Speed thrills
A palpable sense of velocity is achieved by subtle camera sways and blurring around your peripheral vision.

6) Do the locomotion
You%26rsquo;ll have to work yourself up to decent speed and then try to maintain it.

7) On the run
You%26rsquo;ll be using your acrobatic skills to avoid the heavier adversaries, rather than trying to take them out with piddling guns.

8) Choose your path
Sunlit passages will offer a safer way through the city, while darker areas are going to be more perilous.

9) Slick city
Part of the game%26rsquo;s menace comes from the city%26rsquo;s perfect appearance - it%26rsquo;s run by evil Big Brothers%26hellip;

10) Quick reflexes
Reaction Time is governed by how successfully you string moves together. A %26lsquo;full%26rsquo; meter lets you get a fix on an enemy.

11) Autohold
There is no %26lsquo;grab%26rsquo; button. Instead, the game will latch on to ledges for you so you can concentrate on aiming and moving.

12) Turning Tables
Unlike many shooters, you can%26rsquo;t freely pick up weapons. Heavy guns will slow you down.

Feb 7, 2008

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