Midnight Club III: DUB Edition Remix review

  • Huge, bustling city environments
  • Crazy-deep customization
  • Vehicle-specific super powers are great
  • Cycles aren't as DUB-able as cars
  • The A.I. sometimes spazzes out
  • Tokyo feels a little too similar

What if somebody said they'd sell you a brand-new Ferrari at the price of a used Hyundai? Well, you'd probably think there was something pretty shady going on, but in the case of Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix, that's essentially what you're getting. A top-notch arcade-style racing game for the cost of an also-ran.

More than just a budget-priced, Greatest Hits release of the enormously entertaining Rockstar racer, Remix introduces more music, 20+ new cars - including exotics such as the Ferrari/Gemballa F355 - and an entirely new city, Tokyo. The Japanese capital (previously the final city in Midnight Club II) joins San Diego, Atlanta, and Detroit on the list of major metropolitan meccas that play host to the shortcut-packed races.

These open cities are not only filled with alternate routes and hidden bonus items, they're also bustling with activity. You'll find yourself screaming past pedestrians, other drivers, and even emergency crews responding to accidents. All of which make your life as an illegal street racer more difficult.

The game's multitude of customization options are a real standout. Not only can you "DUB" out your ride with new rims, paint jobs, and aftermarket parts: the options go so far as to include air-ride suspensions. Being able to pimp your ride to the nth degree is especially great for the game's online versus play, which includes modes ranging from straight-up races to domination-style "Paint" contests.

The racing is, to pardon any implied pun, fast and furious. This is definitely not a simulation; nitrous boost builds up if you slipstream behind opponents and you can tip your car, truck, or SUV up on two wheels at the press of a button. Rockstar has only amplified the arcade style of the series for the better this time around, giving each vehicle type (including the sports bikes and choppers) their own "special moves." You can get in the Zone in sports cars and go into slow-mo to take insane corners or avoid wrecks. Trucks and SUVs go Agro to send other vehicles flying when hit. Muscle cars and choppers Roar, parting the traffic like the Red Sea.

It all adds up to a breakneck racing experience that offers a lot of fun (especially when you consider the online modes) for a little cash. There's no need to test-drive this one; it deserves a space in your garage.

More Info

Release date: Mar 14 2006 - PS2, Xbox (US)
Available Platforms: PS2, Xbox
Genre: Racing
Published by: Rockstar Games
Developed by: Rockstar San Diego
ESRB Rating:
Everyone 10+: Language, Mild Violence

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