Micro Machines V4

So weaving around bedrooms and The Great Beyond is out there, but what would a breakneck race-to-the-finish be without some artillery? There are 25 weapons to pick up in this petite world, everything from missiles to plasma guns to an electric lasso. Driving up and around rulers, shoes and active pool tables is one thing, but throw in a few well-placed bombs and now you've got a race that's worth watching.

Being the capable handheld that it is, the PSP version will house everything the PS2 version holds. The obvious advantage here is the PSP's portability and local wireless multiplayer. You'll also be able to link up with the PS2 game for some yet-unnamed feature-tradin' goodness.

With several standard-but-necessary racing modes, 25 vehicle types and 750 individual cars to collect, Micro Machines V4 will keep giving for some time. Single player is a little repetitive (who wants to keep beating up on the computer?) but grab some pals and you've got an iron-fisted party title for the ages.