Available on: Xbox 360, DS

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Meteos Cheats

  • Slow Speeder

    On planet Bavoom, drag and start a super rocket to the bottom of the screen, and hold down L or R when it goes off. This will make whole stack come down more slowly. DON'T LET GO OF L OR R! When the stack is back near the bottom, launch it again!

    PS : let go of L or R if the stack goes completly off the screen.
    Submitted by Glitch50

Meteos Easter Eggs

  • Play with Main Menu

    At the Main Menu, tap an option with your stylus, but HOLD IT DOWN. While the stylus is holding the option, move it around a little, and you'll notice that you can change the placement of the option. This works with the menus like the Main one. NOTE: The placement of the option will reset when you turn your DS off, and turn it on again.
    Submitted by MasterChief3624

Meteos Hints

  • Get better launches

    Before aligning just 3 meteos, see if the piles next to the current one have any of the same metoes in them. If they do, line those up before putting them all together! it will launch many rows rather then just 3.
    Submitted by Jeyrad
  • Odd Planets

    On some planets it's harder to launch your meteos. Here are the planets and what you have to do:
    firim= vertical launchs go really fast
    oleana=vertical launchs SUCK and horizontal ain't to good
    vubble=vertical launchs do absolutley nothing
    gravita and jeljel=launch combos required
    hotted=horizontal launchs SUCK but vertical RULE
    Submitted by Nikolas sage

Meteos Unlockables

  • Unlock Planets

    Do get the planet Meteo you must watch 8 different endings in Star Trip mode. To get Florias you must play for more than five hous(not at once). To get Grannest you must get 50000 points in a two minute war. To get Layazero Watch the ending in thw middle in the branch star trip mode. After doing those things you must go to fusion and fuse the planets with the meteos you have launched into space. You can many more possibly all the planets by doing things such as launching enough meteos in a certain amount of time and things like that.
    Submitted by Aaron S.

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Available Platforms: Xbox 360, DS