Mario Kart Wii

Or, Mario Kart-vs-Bikes-vs-Hotrods Wii

With Mario Kart Wii, in a lot of ways we%26rsquo;ll be going back to basics. No more double-dashing, or having other characters riding shotgun. One vehicle, one rider and - hopefully -one hell of a time to be had.

That said, Nintendo seems to have gone a little wild with the karts. Each character has a range of unique vehicles. Mario has a kart, at least, so the title isn%26rsquo;t a lie. Wario has hot rod muscle cars (of course), while Baby Mario poodles about in a turbo-charged pram. Most surprisingly, dainty ol%26rsquo; Princess Peach zooms about the place on motorbikes. Wha? Don%26rsquo;t suppose we can expect any sexy unlockable leathers for the lady, eh? Nope. Damned family values.

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