Looking for Crackdown 2 orbs? You'll find one in this month's OXM UK

Biggest 360 exclusive game of the Summer celebrated in OXM UK

Editor of OXM UK, Jon Hicks has this say about the unique stunt: "Crackdown’s orbs are truly iconic in Xbox gaming, and millions of players have scoured Pacific City to find them - to quote the developers, they are the crack in Crackdown, and the recent demo has shown that they’re as addictive as ever. To bring that tell-tale sound and an orb hunt of our own into the mag was the perfect tribute."

Above: GamesRadar's Charlie Barratt chats to Crackdown 2 dev team at a recent press preview

For more information on the magazine and details of a competition to win an ultra-limited edition Crackdown 2 Xbox 360, stay tuned to GamesRadar on Thursday 8th July.

July 1, 2010