iPhone/iPad game of the day: World of Goo - like Lemmings meets Jenga

After far too long a wait, the gloppy puzzler arrives on iOS

On iPhone
World of Goo
Price: $2.99 / £1.79
Size: 80.4 MB
Get it now on iTunes: US / UK

NOTE - 3GS/3rd generation or newer device required

On iPad
World of Goo HD
Price: $4.99 / £2.99
Size: 80.4 MB

Get it now on iTunes: US / UK

Just in case you haven’t watched it take over the PC and Wii kingdoms, here's what World Of Goo is all about: it's a super-bright puzzle game in which you must guide little goo balls to their cozy drainpipes by using some of these very goo balls to build wobbly bridges, towers and other means of conveyance. You must be fast on your toes, though, because their dribbly consistency makes for unstable structures that can and will fall over if not properly supported on the fly. The only hitch is most goo balls cannot be led to safety after they've given their life to be part of the building since they've changed state and are a solid. To pass from one level to another, you must save a certain amount of selfless goo balls.

Later levels complicate this flow considerably, tossing in different species of goo ball -- the balloon goo can lift the structure, the water goo is much more lightweight -- and new elements like the ability to summon the goos to a certain spot with a whistle instead of wandering about mindlessly. There's also environmental hazards, like spikes and nasty flowers that want nothing more than to incinerate all your hard work.

Like the most successful puzzle games, World of Goo hinges on a very simple concept that is very far from simple to master. And while the smaller iPhone screen makes it tougher to tap and drag with precision at times, this can do little to diminish the brilliance at hand. So what're you waiting for? Go get goopy.

May 5, 2011

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