Happy Tree Friends game for Live Arcade and PC

Sega is to deliver a PC and Xbox Live Arcade game based on the Happy Tree Friends animated series this autumn.

The action-puzzle game, Happy Tree Friends False Alarm, is being developed by Stainless Games and will be released as a digital download for PC.

Happy Tree Friends False Alarm, explains Sega, features the furry woodland creatures in a host of dismembering and ill-fated calamities, and the company promises that it'll play unlike any other action title on the market thanks to its physics-based reactive environment.

You'll be able to control one of three characters - war-torn bear Flippy, dim-witted blue moose Lumpy or beaver Handy - and your goal is to "save the Happy Tree Friends from hilarious disaster situations, and their own bad luck."

The action-puzzle, er, action, occurs in 3D environments and 10 levels ranging from mine shafts and candy factories through to a museum. The levels "are filled with outrageous outcomes and plenty of accidental mayhem!" we're told.

"The Happy Tree Friends have a unique and dark type of humor that has attracted many fans" commented Gary Knight, European Marketing Director, Sega Europe. "We are excited to be working with Mondo Media creating a title that not only captures the essence of this type of comedy, but that will also appeal to gamers and followers of the show alike."

May 11, 2007


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