Gun Showdown first look

The megaviolent Wild West shooter expands as it gets smaller

Gun Showdown will also pack in three ad-hoc multiplayer modes for up to six players (with any empty spaces fillable by computer-controlled bots). These include classic deathmatches, Golden Cross (which appears to just be Capture the Flag) and a multiplayer version of Texas Hold 'Em. So far, it looks as though the actual matches will be restricted to the game's towns (instead of its entire sweeping game world), with weapons, health packs and hiding places scattered around liberally. Sadly, the slow-motion, zoom-in Quickdraw feature from the single-player game won't appear, as it would make things just too easy.

While we haven't yet had a chance to actually play it, Gun Showdown looks like a high-class production so far, even going so far as to bring back the original game's voice actors to record new dialogue for the new missions. The PSP could certainly use a few more free-roaming games, so we've got high hopes for this one.


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