Great Scott! Back to the Future launches December 22nd on PC and Mac. Also, we really hate manure

This is indeed heavy. Just as we were beginning to worry that Telltale’s pre-Xmas release date for Back to the Future might slip until after the holidays, old Chris Cringle, or more likely Emmet Brown, delivers some seasonal cheer. Yup, the first of the episodic BTTF chapters will launch on PC and Mac next week.

And just like finding a certain almanac that can predict every sporting event for the next 50 years, there’s yet more good news. People who buy or pre-order the game from Telltale's online shop on the day of release will receive a collector’s DVD, which be published after all the episodes have come out. If you pre-order through its site, you’ll also nab yourself a free copy of Puzzle Agent.

Above: Admittedly, Puzzle Agent isn't great. But it's better than a free kick in the crotch

Now that surely that’s far better than having a mouthful of horse shit?

Above: Mad Dog agrees

No word on when the first episode will launch on PSN, so lets keep those flux capacitors crossed it's soon.

Source: CVG

Dec 16, 2010