FlatOut 2

More cars, tracks and drivers rocketing through windshields

FlatOut 2 will also boast 39 upgradeable muscle cars, trucks, street racers and novelty cars (compared to the first game's 16). While these aren't licensed, they convincingly ape real-world vehicles (and a few novelty vehicles, like the 1960s Batmobile). They also show realistic damage - and eventually explode - the more they get bashed around.

And yes, the best part of FlatOut is back, and there's plenty more of it. Twelve different driver-catapulting minigames will be at your disposal, letting you hurl your ragdoll-like avatar through various challenges for points. The one we got to try had us racing down a winding track and then - at the end - flying out of the car and into a series of flaming, progressively smaller hoops.

It was simple, stupid and fun, so we're eager to see what the other minigames have in store. Add destruction derbies, tournament races and the promise of online play in all these modes, and this could be one for sadistic race fans to look forward to.


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