Eye Toy Play 2 Cheats

  • Easy Wins

    Wave your hand over the camera and it will make you win, but don't put your hand too close. Works on most games.
    Wall destroyer
    To destroy the wall very fast and earn a lot of points in D.I.Y., go near the camera and dance wildly!
    Submitted by Nikolai a. stemland

Eye Toy Play 2 Hints

  • Run Fast in Baseball

    Entry location: Homerun
    After you hit the ball, jump and wave your arms around until you reach home base. You should be at homeplate in about two seconds.
    Submitted by Joseph Hernandez
  • How to get high score at kung 2

    When you get to the first boss, Tengu, you just get out of the screen when he is circling around and DON'T attack him. Then you will lose no lives, and just kill the other folks that enter the screen when he has turned into a rock for a LOT of points.
    Kung 2 cheat
    When you are playing kung 2 get the camera and start shaking it you will WIN.
    Submitted by monkey boy

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Available Platforms: PS2