E3 06 Game Critics Award nominees revealed

Gears of War grinds out five, with Spore and more in hot pursuit

Best Fighting Game
- Heavenly Sword -- (Ninja Theory/Sony Computer Entertainment for PS3)
- Mortal Kombat: Armageddon -- (Midway Games for PlayStation 2/Xbox)
- Tekken: Dark Resurrection -- (Namco Bandai Games for PSP)
- Virtua Fighter 5 -- (Sega for Arcade/PlayStation 3)
- WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2007 -- (Yuke’s/THQ for 360/PS3/PS2/PSP)

Best Role Playing Game
- Final Fantasy XII -- (Square Enix for PlayStation 2)
- Hellgate: London -- (Flagship Studios/Namco Bandai Games for PC)
- Mass Effect -- (BioWare/Microsoft Games Studio for Xbox 360)
- Neverwinter Nights 2 -- (Obsidian/Atari for PC)
- World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade -- (Blizzard for PC)

Best Racing Game
- Excite Truck -- (Nintendo for Wii)
- Formula One 06 -- (Studio Liverpool/SCEE for PlayStation 3)
- Gran Turismo HD -- (Polyphony Digital/Sony Computer Entertainment for PS3)
- MotoGP 06 -- (Climax/THQ for Xbox 360)
- Test Drive Unlimited -- (Eden Studios/Atari for Xbox 360, PC, PS2, PSP)


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