Doctor Who Merchandise Thatll Be Updated Weekly

Pulpshop will be offering all sorts of new Doctor Who goodies that tie in with each new episode as they’re broadcast

Within minutes of “The Impossible Astronaut” airing on Saturday, a whole new range of Doctor Who merchandise based specifically on that episode sale at Pulpshop . And it’s a trend that’s set to continue for the rest of the series.

This official range of t-shirts, messenger bags and mugs is being produced by Half Moon Bay under license from BBC Worldwide. New products will be available for each episode featuring characters and slogans from that night’s show.

Perhaps the most ingenious articles are the bags, which come with detachable front flaps, and you can buy new flaps later on in the series’ run and swap them over.

Prices are £16.99 for T Shirts, £24.99 for bags, £5.99 for mugs and £7.99 for extra bag flaps.