Dance Factory

Feet-on with the last dance game you'll ever need

If you want to make the game a little more challenging, Dance Factory also supports the EyeToy camera, which adds rhythmic hand-waving and an extra dose of humiliation as you watch yourself flail around onscreen. If you're coordinated enough to pull it off, though, it's a cool extra.

Dance Factory will also pack in a bunch of different play modes and options, including a calorie-counting fitness mode and an endurance mode that enables you to dance to an entire CD. There's even a weird 3D variation on Tetris that you can play while you're waiting for the game to build dance tracks. And - of course- there's a two-player mode that lets you test your skills against a friend's. Dance Factory could still use a little work in the consistent-difficulty department, but it's already on track to be a must-have for dance fans.


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