Cube review

Cube is a Canadian strange-concept sci-fi brain-scratcher which dumps its six main characters in the middle of a mysterious, booby-trapped three-dimensional maze. None of the inmates know why they're there, how they got there or how to get out, but each has a skill which, if used in co-operation with the other prisoners, will win their freedom.

It may sound intriguing, and things kick off promisingly enough, but unless you find maths inherently interesting and always wondered when it would really be useful to know about prime numbers, then you won't be impressed by the results. Cube is riddled with plot-holes, inhabited by predictable characters and stuffed to the edges with obvious, cringe-inducing dialogue. "They may have taken our lives away," a maze-runner blurts melodramatically, "but we're still human beings. That's all we've got left!" This could have been a passable episode of The Outer Limits. But, at 92 minutes, Cube is a neat little idea stretched way too far beyond the point of credibility.


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